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Alexis has a busy schedule, and wished her son Brad did too.

He chooses to lollygag around instead of getting shit done like finding a job and doing his homework. She would have never guessed that him being lazy would eventually save her ass one day, LITERALLY.

Alexis somehow got stuck under the living room table while trying to move it. Luckily brads lazy ass was slothing around the house and happened to see her. He thinks about helping, but remembers how much of a bitch his mom has been to him lately, and decides to milk this for all he can. It boils down to Alexis offering to show Brad her ass in return for some assistance.

Just one look wasnt enough for this sly soon, so he took fool advantage of his moms helpless position and made sure to lick that ass dry and fuck it as hard as he could. The next day, Brad needs another mommy fix for the day.

He barges in on Alexis while shes finishing the laundry and tries to see what he can pull. She keeps trying to shoe him away and says that she doesnt have time, but as soon as he whips out his young cock mommy can no longer resist.

She gives brad a memorable suck and fuck right there in the laundry alcove, She even takes a huge squirt of jizz all over her face. It accidental drips onto her dress, but luckily the location was perfect so she was able to wash it right out quickly!

She cant have her husband seeing random cum stains all over her clothes, thats just not lady like!

Family SrtokesFamily Srtokes - family sex video!

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